The Sin Eater finds Iola …

The Sin Eater had followed her, caught her scent in the subway, and had stayed in the shadows. Correction. He followed the homicidal nut job that was following her out of the subway and up to the street. He had a boatload of sin strapped to his shoulders, and the Sin Eater felt completely compelled to follow.

Bullshit, he would have followed her anyway. She smelled … pure of heart, as lame as that might have sounded. She was beautiful. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was a brand new soul. He almost chuckled … she still had that “new soul” smell.

But this human following her had the stink of evil all over him, and the Sin Eater could all but taste his psychotic rage and violent lust for her. He’d never interjected to stop humans from doing what they wanted. After all, he was there to lap up their messes. But as the man’s frenzy of bloodlust was piqued and the Sin Eater found himself actually wanting to get involved and help a human female, something amazing happened.

This woman, this gorgeous creature, who looked as delicate as an orchid, pushed this scumbag. With her … mind? She may as well have reached out and shoved him. No one had made any movement, but suddenly the man had reeled back, turned on his heel and stalked away like it was his idea.

The Sin Eater froze in his tracks. He’d felt it, the force of her … will emanating outward like a fist. He felt the man retract the intentions he’d had, just pulled them back and tucked them away.

The Sin Eater had stopped breathing. How the hell had she done it? He could do that. He could reach into people’s minds and change their very personalities if he wanted. There was nothing he couldn’t do to someone when he had complete control of their mind.

But she wasn’t like him otherwise he would have recognized it when she sat down across from him on the subway. She was human but she was … a complete puzzle.

He watched her enter a door next to a closed bakery, and he imagined she was going up the stairs to an apartment above. Sure enough, after a moment, a light came on in the front of the building. He watched her approach the window, pouring water out of one of those stainless steel bottles into a sad pile of green next to the window. Some kind of house plant, who knew what it was supposed to be.  You didn’t have to be a Sin Eater to know it wasn’t much longer for this world.

Her mouth was moving, and as he watched, she seemed to be talking to someone. Husband, boyfriend, he assumed. Then she bopped her head twice to one side, and kept talking, pausing only to bop her head again. She’s singing, he realized, and he smiled … but lost it almost as quickly as it appeared. Normally he could touch a person’s mind and find out their entire history with one glance.

But this one … she was a blank page. He read nothing from her … except the smell of jasmine and vanilla. So. Damn. Pure.

From Sin Eater Book One.


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