Meeting Charles Goodwin …

Charles couldn’t remember how he got to the roof of the office building across from the bakery. But he knew why he was there, and she was now sleeping in bed. She’d come home with the woman from the night before, who maybe was the one he wanted. But it was so hard to be sure, and he got confused so easily.

But the one with the long dark hair and the long legs and arms was what he wanted now. She was perfect. She’d be a challenge to break. And all these degenerate bitches had to be broken.

He watched her window as the light turned off in her bedroom. He’d have to be careful getting in. She looked tough, and he thought she would fight to the death. But there wouldn’t have to be a death. Just as long as she was … hurting.

He cracked his knuckles and his focus returned. Yep … she was the next one. He knew for sure once she kissed that woman, right in front of the window for everyone to see. It was disgusting. She’d be sorry for that … and while he had her, maybe he could show her the natural order of things. Sometimes the master let him have them first, before he completely broke them. This one … he would like very much to take her before she died.

And he knew which subway train her friend took on a regular basis, so he wouldn’t have to remember this place. Just the trains. He even knew which stop she got on, it was right next door to his little apartment.

This was going to be perfect. He just had to surprise her.

From Sin Eater Book One.


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