My first Amazon review!

Breadner breathes new life to old folklore in this debut novel (pun intended). 🙂 The concept of sin-eating is fascinating in itself, but Breadner manages to create a new world of sympathetic characters fighting the age-old war of good versus evil.

While the antagonist is evident from the start, things are not always as they seem. You find yourself rooting for The Sin Eater, compassionate for what and who he is, even if it is clear to what side he owes allegiance. Breadner does an excellent job of detaching the man from his work, giving him a history and storyline all his own. I love the flashbacks to his past encounters, revealing memories that lead to a greater understanding of what is to come.

The female characters in Sin Eater are strong, capable, and likeable. While the love stories woven throughout are entertaining (and downright sexy) you never find yourself hoping for the proverbial rescue – these women can kick ass all on their own. Breadner created Iola and Claudia with such depth that you could swear they were actually friends of yours.

Plotline. We got so much going on here! There’s the classic love story happening in one apartment, a torrid hook-up going on across the hall, and all the while evil lurks everywhere, looking to take over the world. You know, the basics… 🙂 Breadner’s got some pretty great surprise reveals, and everything comes together very nicely in one final showdown. And… there’s plenty of sexy bits along the way….. so that’s a win.

I look forward to delving deeper into the world of the Sin Eater! Bring on novel 2!



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