Let’s Write Something With Zombies – Chapter 1A

Here’s the intro to our zombie tale … poll for the next detail at the end.

Sleeping in a tree did not work for light, active sleepers. Unless you tied yourself off, and that couldn’t be particularly comfortable.

If you were a heavy sleeper that moved as much as a boulder, you could pass out anywhere and be cosy. Since it was hard to rouse such a sleeper, you had to be well off the ground, overhead, where creepers couldn’t reach you. Heavy sleepers were the first to die after the Event, the Happening, the Rapture. Whatever you decided to call it.

She woke slowly this morning, the sun just starting to warm the world, and a familiar snarling, puffing, grunting symphony sounded below her. She rubbed her eyes, sitting up straighter, back against the tree trunk, peering down.

Two, three, four creepers this morning. A light bit of work compared to some days. She yawned, covering her mouth with the back of her hand, and stretched. Nothing worse than defending yourself still stiff from sleep. When shoulders, back, arms, neck and legs had blood flowing at a regular pace she descended a few limbs down the trunk, feet and hands grabbing the branches closest to the trunk where they were strongest.

It also didn’t help your survival rate to fall out of a tree and break your leg.

When her ankles were in grabbing distance from the creepers she crouched, back to the trunk again, reaching for her weapon of choice, strapped to her back.

“All right you bastards,” she muttered. “Come and try it.” Then she leapt and rolled to the ground.

What does our kick-ass heroine use to kick ass?



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