Let’s Write Something With Zombies – The Great Escape

Oakley’s eyes were on the fence, leaning backwards into Hunter’s hand, which rested on her shoulder blade in a comforting way. Any minute now her friends should be heading their way. Twilight was falling, she could hear singing. The party was in full swing.
“It’s been ten minutes,” Hunter told her softly.
“I know,” she replied shortly. “They’re coming.”
He sighed, moving away from her and leaning against the trunk of an elm. She crossed her arms and resumed pacing in a circle, exactly how she’d been passing time for the past fifteen minutes.
Come on Tink and Jess, she was thinking angrily. Get your asses out here.
“They’re coming,” Hunter assured her in that patronizing tone. “Don’t worry, the attack hasn’t started.”
Before he could finish speaking she heard it; a short burst of gunfire, a sickening pause and then screaming, shouting, pandemonium, and more gunfire.
“Hunter,” she said desperately, turning to him, one arm out, who knew what for. He came forward and took her hand, eyes searching the vine-covered fence for a spot to see what was going on. It was pointless, they were too low down to see over the houses.
“I gotta get higher up,” he said, almost absently.
“Then go,” she said, pushing his elbow.
“I don’t want to leave you. That noise is going to bring the creepers out.”
She made a huffing sound of annoyance, and before he answered she heard a whispered call. “Oakley?”
“Tink!” she all but shouted, rushing to the opening and yanking the fence open. Her favourite inventor and crazy genius nearly fell through the opening, looking shocked and upset and relieved all at the same time. Jess was right on her heels, along with Ty-Ty, Maine, even Sawyer and Rainbow. She was happy to see Matilda as well.
“Thank God you guys,” she whispered, pulling Tink and Jess into a double hug, then repeated that with Ty-Ty and Maine.
“Anyone else coming?” Hunter demanded, back into his leadership tone.
Tink shook her head. “No one else believed me,” she said, almost like an apology.
“I didn’t believe it until the screaming started behind us,” Rainbow added, hefting the strap of her back pack higher.
“Everyone armed?” Oakley asked next.
“Baseball bat,” Jess said immediately.
“Tire iron,” Rainbow chimed in.
“Samurai sword,” Ty-Ty answered proudly.
“Pipe wrench,” Maine said sadly. “I brought my vibrator too, but …”
Oakley heard Hunter snort in laughter behind her as she answered. “I don’t know if that’s solid enough to do damage. Good call on the pipe though.”
“Shot gun, Glock, ammo for both, machete, and Bowie knife.” This was from Sawyer, no surprise there. Her chin was up, challenging anyone to tell her she was unprepared.
“No fucking guns until we’re further away from this shit,” Hunter instructed.
“I’m not stupid,” Sawyer snapped back.
She wasn’t, either. She was the best tactical mind and team leader Greenwater had. Oakley and Sawyer might not get along or even like each other the slightest bit, but they had a respect for each other that was mutual and uneasy.
The silliness of the situation faded with a very long burst of gunfire and awful screaming, the likes of which Oakley hadn’t heard in a while.
“We should go,” Hunter said on a growl, taking her arm. “That’s getting close.”
Oakley immediately fixed the fence back into place, hiding their exit point in the vines. Hopefully. Her stomach was turning even while her panic was hurrying her to get the few friends she had left now away from this madness.
Jess was staring at the fence, her lower lip trembling. “Oakley, are they going to kill them all?”
Oakley didn’t have an answer. The best answer was Only the lucky ones, but she didn’t say it. She took Jess’s arm and used her to lead the rest behind Hunter deeper into the trees. Once they were deeper into the shadows she allowed herself to breathe. Then Jess started talking again.
“Now what? Where do we go? Is there a plan, Oakley?”
Oakley remembered that Jess probably didn’t remember much about life outside of Greenwater; some of it by choice, some of it because she’d been so young.
“We keep off the roads, sleep in trees, and watch each other’s backs,” she told her honestly.
“And you stop right where you are,” a different voice commanded.
They all whirled, and Oakley’s heart sunk somewhere around her ankles. It was Tap and six more of Hunter’s former men. They stood still, weapons in hand, and before Oakley could reach for her machete Tap made a tsking noise, raising a hand to her that held a gun. Looked like a Glock to her.
Oakley froze where she was, swallowing hard.
“Tap -”
“Shut it,” Tap cut Hunter off sharply, releasing the safety with the Glock still pointed at her. “What the hell’s going on here, Hunter?”


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