Let’s Write Something With Zombies – Joined Forces

Oakley risked a look over at the men’s former leader, but Hunter gave nothing away with his expression. So she looked back to Tap, and he noticed her unease.
“Oakley, since Hunter seems to have lost the power of speech, maybe you could share the meaning of this?”
Oakley took a deep breath. “I can’t let them all get hurt. I had to try and help them.”
Tap’s lower jaw slid to the side, then his appraisal ran from her to the women behind her and Hunter. “That’s a lot of women for just you, Hunter.”
Hunter growled out, “It’s the right thing to do, and you know it, Tap.”
“I agree that Hawk’s a brutal asshole,” Tap said on a grin, dropping the charade and tucking the Glock in his waistband. “Truthfully, we told him we were right behind him. And we were, but … well,” he let it trail off and the men behind him motioned to the trees next to them. With relief Oakley noticed that even more of her friends and the residents of Greenwater Gates were with Tap and his men. A few of them came forward, hugging Sawyer and Ty-Ty and Jess as they all reunited.
“How bad is it in there?” Oakley bit out, enough bitterness in her tone to make all the women look away.
Tap’s look softened to something a lot like pity. “It’s bad, Oakley. Anyone that lives will probably wish they didn’t.”
That hung over all of them, then Hunter took her arm. “We need to get the hell out of here. The more space between here and us the better.”
“You’re right,” she said, taking his hand and looking back at Tap. “Thank you for helping whoever you could.”
“No problem, Oakley. Now let’s find a place to wait out the night.”
She nodded and fell into step next to Hunter. Their rag-tag group headed back into the trees, out of sight, and far too soon they were out of range of the screaming.
Only three creepers found themselves in the path of their crew, and they were easily taken out. Oakley tried to ignore the sniffs and whimpers of the rest of their party. It was selfish but Oakley was glad she hadn’t been there for the start of the attack.
“We’ll find somewhere safe,” Hunter assured her with a squeeze of her hand. “I promise, babe.”


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