Let’s Write Something With Zombies – Place for the Night

Behind a thicket of overgrown shrubs a gas station hunched, off the freeway that once served as the main transit line for the suburban residents of Greenwater Gates. As a rule Oakley shunned locations close to highways and main thoroughfares, but they needed both distance from Greenwater as well as shelter for the night. Hunter knew this building existed so they made their way towards it.
The snuffling breathing of creepers was always a helpful warning. Immediately Hunter and Tap’s men were pulling the women behind them, putting themselves on the front line. It pissed Oakley off when Hunter did it to her.
“Don’t,” she snapped, pulling out her machete. “I’m plenty capable.”
Hunter’s jaw clenched as she heard Tap snort his amusement.
“There aren’t enough of us to be teams,” she reminded him. “Everyone knows how to kill them. We all do.” She checked over her shoulder, and only Tink and Jess looked like they were terrified. Yet they held their weapons tight with both hands.
Sawyer was the one to speak next. “We killing those things or what?”
Around the gas station the trees had just started to fill in overhead, so there was plenty of light to see by. Oakley guessed they were facing about three dozen creepers. No problem, really. She also had to assume there were more in the gas station, but they could be worried about later.
The men still rushed the herd first, but she noticed they mostly ignored the first creepers they encountered and instead fell upon the second or third bodies in the way. She smiled, gave her own arm roll to encourage her girls to follow, and they too met the stumbling enemy head-on.
The first one to meet her machete blade caught it in the neck which took his head clear off, his stuffing soft by now. The second had his skull bisected on a diagonal, and his tongue was still flapping as his body crumpled moments after the top of his head slid to the ground. Third and fourth a two-for-one decapitation special. That even impressed her.
“Oakley!” The cry was short and she spun expecting to find a sneak attack behind her, but instead she saw Tink, struggling to pull a Bowie knife out of a creeper’s skull as two more were bearing down on her.
“Shit,” Oakley muttered, rushing forward.
On a spinning swing she cut the first one’s body in half, knowing her blade wouldn’t catch there and leave her in the same spot Tink was already in. She could destroy the brain later. The second one she caught in the temple with the machete, and it slid through like a warm knife into butter, clear out the other side with a yellowish spray of sludge.
Oakley revisited to the first one, chopped her skull in two, then braced a foot on the skull of Tink’s kill and yanked the knife free. “This is why I like machetes and swords, or even bats,” Oakley shared. “We’ll find something easier, promise.”
Tink just smiled, then they turned back to find the battle done and won. Ty-Ty was doing clean-up with her Samurai sword, making sure all moving creepers caught it in the brain and stopped writhing.
She caught Hunter looking for her, and he gave a jerk of the head before following the other men around the front of the gas station closest to the freeway.
Oakley swallowed, her breathing not quite returning to normal. She didn’t like being close to roads. There were far too many gangs made up of very bad people who had access to fuel and vehicles, and they had to use the roads. That was why she always stuck to dirt paths and foot trails when she was alone. She didn’t want to trade the hell she’d run from in the first place for a whole new brand of it.
Sawyer was at her side when she rejoined Hunter’s crew, and they were using a crowbar to wrench the door open. The windows and door had both been securely boarded up from the outside but the door could have been locked from the inside. She wondered who would have done that.
On squealing hinges that seemed so exponentially loud it was ridiculous the door eventually lost its battle. Tap shoved it open all the way against the weeds and shrubs that blocked it. The air that met them was stale, musty, closed off. It was almost like opening a time capsule.
“Supplies?” Tap whispered.
Oakley shook her head. “No, we raided this place not long after we set up Greenwater. Not sure who boarded it up, we left it open to save people the trouble of stopping.”
“Who’s first?” Hunter asked, pulling out a bright LED flashlight and flicking it on.
“I’ll go,” Oakley volunteered, hand out.
“I’ll go,” Hunter said after a pause then stepped over the threshold.
She set her jaw to keep a smartass reply in check, then followed him.


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