C.D. Breadner/FuzzyPeaches1

If you were already a follower on Fanfiction thank you for visiting here as well. I have moved my full-length Fanfiction stories to this site as well as the Freak Circle Press blog. I hope new folks can find some joy in these stories, because I had so much fun writing them.

The “Valerie Turner” Saga (or “Valverse” as one reader called it):

Something Wicked (entirely) Valerie Turner wasn’t sure what brought a man like Tig Trager to her door, but her own complicated and painful past will ensure that he’s not a passing footnote.
This House Is Haunted (entirely) Short follow-up to Something Wicked. Left with a lot of unanswered questions, everyone’s favourite fuss-budget Teresa the assistant tries to understand her place in the mystery left behind by Valerie Turner. Takes place before the denouement of “Something Wicked.”
Rendezvous (entirely) It doesn’t happen often, but Val finds herself in a spot where she has to ask for help. Is there really any other option outside of calling Charming again?
Last Call (entirely) Valerie Turner is ready to take the plunge and return to Charming. How long will SAMCRO’s new direction last, and will she be welcome to stay? The final instalment of the Valerie Turner “series.”

Stand Alone Stories

Thriller Diller (entirely) Thriller Diller (def.) something like a movie, book, or television program that is thrilling. Claire Cicero takes the law into her own hands one time, and she likes it. A lot. (rated M because it’s an excuse for smut)
Happy Gets His Girl (entirely)  Happy Lowman: dog rescuer and scary, lonely man.
Final Wisdom (entirely) A short fence separates her careful world from absolute anarchy, and yet Jamie Taylor has bigger concerns in her life than the biker living next door to her and her nephew.

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